The Current Neoliberal Education Structure Essay

1506 Words Dec 16th, 2016 7 Pages
Due to the existing neoliberal education structure, labour hiring practises have altered to adapt to these new changes. These changes can be seen within the labour-law framework. Millennial looking for employment will more often have less protection that existing employees at a company. With less protection, Millennials have found it challenging to qualify for benefits with their current service work employers or the government. Due to inexperience and extended periods of low earnings, graduates have found limited access to unemployment insurance and often difficulty qualifying for smaller public pensions (Cappelli, 1999). Cappelli’s article also states that Millennials are less likely to belong to unions, due to the increasing amount of precarious work. This helps to prove why many find it more difficult to voice their concerns about employment standards and health and safety at work (Cappelli, 1999). Without proper structure in a company to voice a concern, or the risk of being fired for questioning management, companies can continue to take advantage of their employees. This fear of losing their position at a company becomes more than a personal one. It directly violates the federal and provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act. This act states that “a worker has the right to refuse work that he or she believes is unsafe to himself/ herself or another worker. A worker who believes that he or she is endangered by workplace violence may also refuse work” (Ontario…

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