Post Secondary Tuition Essay

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In Canada, Post-Secondary tuitions are extremely high for just about all of the provinces. This is a huge issue because, after the completion of Post- Secondary, students still aren’t guaranteed jobs. So what basically happens is you take out a huge student loan, and you are left unable to pay it back because you are jobless. This is something that is a huge problem for our youth as Canadians. If post-secondary is so expensive then why is the cost of high school significantly less. It’s not like the teachers in universities are making 30x the salary as a high school teacher. Throughout the last few years, the cost of Postsecondary education has been setting record highs in Canada. From the 1990’s to the 2010’s the average cost of Post- Secondary …show more content…
How is this suppose to encourage our youth to participate in post-secondary education? According to the Globe and Mail, the majority of Canadian students who graduate from postsecondary have to take student loans to pay it off(60%). What about the people who fail to graduate from these post-secondary schools?, I am sure the percentage is much much higher. While the average student takes home a debt of $27,000(, this total is not including the interest that we students have to pay. Why should we be punished for having a higher education, shouldn’t we be allowed to at least have interest-free loans. Shouldn’t the government at least be willing to pay our interest rates off for us? Considering we(Canada) are the eleventh richest country in GDP per capita(According to Business Insider Barbara Tasch) . If there are over 30 countries in the world with free education and we are the eleventh richest country, shouldn’t we be able to have the privilege of free post-secondary education? Is there something wrong with the priorities of our politicians, shouldn’t education be considered a high

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