The Current Hot Issue Of Abortion Essay

1945 Words Nov 17th, 2016 8 Pages
Abortion has become the current hot topic in the United States due to its divisiveness. It is such a controversial topic because of the various norms, values, and institutions that society has constructed. The social norm of getting married and raising children has a heavy influence upon the many young girls that visit the abortion clinics. Furthermore, it is scandalous to be a young single parent. One also has to take into account the difficulty of raising a child on one income. Many girls resort to solving their problem by getting an abortion, which to some people who are anti-abortionists are considered as a murder. In my opinion, everyone grows up differently, not everyone is blessed to grow up in a loving home and not everyone should procreate. Sometimes, I read the news and see all of these parents neglecting and abusing their children. I ask myself; If abortions weren 't so frowned upon in our society maybe that child who is suffering in an abusive environment would not have to go through that if the mother would have terminated her pregnancy? Now she has a child she doesn 't want and doesn 't feel the need to nurture this baby, instead causes harm to this innocent child. What will happen to this child growing up? Will the cycle continue in adulthood? Would it be better if that person was never a parent? Questions that we may never know the answers to. Even though in the United States women have more freedom and more rights compared to other countries, such as India…

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