The Crisp Report On Mass Homicides By Employees Essay

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The CRISP Report on Mass Homicides by Employees in the American Workplace by Seungmug(Zech) Lee and Robert McCrie has brought attention to mass homicide that has been occurring in work places around the United States since the 1980s. CRISP or Connecting Research in Security to Practice, provides reports on insights of security issues to provide knowledge about a certain aspect and how to counter it using security research to perform better security practices. The authors bring up how incidents of workplace mass homicide, or what the authors call WMH, occurs. They discuss why WMH occurs, the demographics of the report being presented, and the motive behind WMH. They then place emphasis on WMH and how it should be defined with various theories and statements about WMH. They bring up major cases of WMH that have recently occurred and the end results of each case. Furthermore, they bring up statistics of the number of victims and number of incidents that have occurred each year from 1986-2011 and what happens to the perpetrator after their act of mass homicide. Lastly, they bring up responses over the problem of WMH and what should be done to prevent such a tragedy. The topic of WMH refers to the concept of security, the ability to provide a stable environment for people to pursue their objectives without fear of harm or injury. The breaches in security that are caused by WMH are a result in tragedies that occur in the U.S. These WMH events that are presented show…

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