Workplace Violence And Aggression

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The research on the topic of workplace violence and aggression needs to cover diverse topics; like workplace location, environment, type of job, emotional and physical health of targets and the preventive measures (if any) taken by the managers to reduce aggression. Do to this diversity, survey based method will be used so that the data can be analyzed to see that how many employees are the victims of workplace violence and what are the very common factors among all the targets. This will help to generalize the reasons and consequences so that important steps can be to avoid such uncomfortable scenarios
Research Design
A survey study will be conducted aiming to illustrate the incidence of all forms of workplace violence in different
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The individuals as well the target groups will be oriented regarding the purpose of the study and will be informed the importance of the research. They will also be ensured that the personal or organizational information provided will remain undisclosed and can only be used for data analysis procedures. Interviews can be conducted at workplace or someplace where the interviewee will feel comfortable.
3. Audio tape recording
Questions for in depth interviews and focus group discussions can be translated if necessary. Unclear terms will be discussed and cleared and can be altered in extreme situations. Interviews will be recorded so that the important information can be extracted later on for tabulation. Telephone calls will also be recorded for data analysis.
Data Collection and Data Analysis
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Following is the sample of informed consent that will be signed by the participants of the research.
Informed Consent Statement:
‘Violence and Aggression at Workplace’ is a survey that is being conducted to study the contributing factors and effects of bullying, assaults or threats at workplace. It is a way for us to see that how prevention programs should be designed to improve the environment of job place so that employees can work in stress free job setting.
If you choose to participate in this research, personal identity will be kept completely confidential. No personal information will be shared anywhere outside this program.

Additional Information:
Your participation is voluntary and will be protected. Your name will not appear on data gathered during survey. You have the right to answer or not answer any question if you feel uncomfortable. Once the survey is completed, only required information will be transferred to database and survey will be destroyed. Your participation is highly appreciated as it will help to gather the true violence related statistics at workplace and will help us to know that how many organizations are having set workplace violence prevention rules and how effective are

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