Essay The Creation Of The Universe

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Throughout the history, humankind has inherited and shared a universal pattern which induces a perception of categories known as archetypes. Humans have remained perplexed by the existence of the whole and often raised questions like who created the universe? Or how was the universe originated? However, humans have virtually considered the creation of the universe by a creator god. Carl Jung, a Swiss physician describes this inborn proneness to have parallel thinking about certain categories among humans as an archetype. The creator god has been prominent across various cultures for the emergence of the universe and existence of everything on it. Based on Jung’s philosophy of an archetype, the creator god demonstrates an archetype as it exhibits striking parallelism in the form of mythological motifs among Hinduism, Egyptian, and Islamic culture and reinforces the independent existence of universal patterns or contents in every individual’s psychic constitution. Through the evolution, the human psyche has developed and constantly experienced the idea of creation by a creator god like Brahma, a Hindu deity. According to the Vedas, the origin of the world began with the birth of Brahma from the navel of Vishnu. For a long time, there was just Brahma meditating on a lotus and Vishnu sleeping on a floating cobra in a dark vast ocean. Once Vishnu commanded Brahma to create the world and then Brahma emitted from himself various elements of the universe and the notions to…

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