Substantial Funding For Space Exploration

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Knowledge is one of the most powerful qualities known to man. People around the world desire to be smarter than the next due to their thirst for intelligence. As a proud nation, America is no exception. From the revolutionary war to the ongoing international affairs, they have had a strong will to be the absolute best at everything. Space exploration is one of the many possible routes that can be taken to reach that desire. Substantial funding for NASA would allow them to create space missions where they can explore the secrets of the universe. The United States would be the first country to “peel back the curtains”, analogous to when Europeans traveled westward and headed towards North America. Space exploration is the contemporary version …show more content…
Numerous questions are asked such as: “Where is the end of the universe?” or “How aged is the universe?” These may be questions that Homo sapiens may not answer in the near future. However, it is crucial to begin somewhere to ensure that generations in the distant future have the foundation to find a potential explanation. In the meantime with adequate funding, America would be able to take larger steps into confirming its ideas about the Big Bang theory. Even though the Big Bang is accepted as the beginning of the universe, it is still a scientific theory and not an established law. If the universe is explored, theoretical verification will be made possible. People understand the basics of the origins of the universe, however they fail to comprehend the specifics behind it. It is complex in that it attempts to comprise all of the spatial theories into one. Additionally, it shows how gravity affects time relativity and why there are a plethora of different elements on Earth. In essence, their aspirations to verify their origins can potentially be fulfilled if they were to travel deep in space. The Big Bang explosion most likely rocketed similar elements to celestial bodies that orbit other stars. Statistically, Earth is one in a billion. The way humans have treated it for the past several years may forebode a tragic ending. However, human intelligence and its willingness to endure space missions along with proper funding from the government, can save the human race and possibly establish the realms of a brand-new

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