Big Bang Theory Of Origin Essay

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The creation of the universe, a vast and controversial subject of origins, is constantly debated, twisted, and altered to reach a point of what some would say, an understanding. Everyone has thought about questions of origin, and this debate is no stranger to conversation between people. The question of origins can arise in any area of study. In the study of chemistry one would wonder, where these elements originated. In more political science studies, specifically government, one would wonder the origin of a nation and how it came to be (Morris 1). This question of origins is something that can be related to any area of study, and the most influential and debatable question of origins is the origin of one’s self and everything in existence. Many explanations are present in the attempt to define the origin of the universe, which can include the Big Bang Theory, Scientific Creationism, Intelligent Design, and evolution to name a few. Creationism is a more logical approach to define the origin of the human race and everything in existence than theories …show more content…
Darwin’s theory of evolution and the Big Bang Theory are just two commonly used theories that are refuted with evidence from fossil evidence and scientific discoveries. Overall, creationism follows more rules of nature and also the human nature which makes it more appealing at times. Intelligent design is just as effective, with it being backed up with scientific evidence and also having the religious background out of it, while still remaining just as effective and logical. With the many conflicting views, creationism is the most efficient explanation for the creation of the universe and everything that is contained the vastness of

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