The Cost Of College Education Essay

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In today’s day and age, the college experience is a topic that is brought up in many conversations, especially with high political figures. From 1985 until 2011, the cost of a college education has increased by nearly 500%, with the consumer price index only increasing by 115% (Maurer, 2013). It does not take a much to understand that a number such as that is unacceptable. The cost of college has skyrocketed out of control, leaving graduating students with thousands of dollars’ worth of debt before they even start their lives on their own. In a way, these colleges and universities are setting these students up for failure rather than giving them a great jumpstart to the rest of their lives. Not only has the cost of education gone up across the country, but the quality of such education does not match the price. Many students feel as though they are stuck in school for a lot longer than necessary. This can be frustrating because if they were able to take the classes they actually needed then they could move on to their careers faster. Students also feel as if they have no control over the classes they are taking. Many colleges and universities are structured so that the institution is the center for the education rather than the students themselves. It would make sense to have the students who are taking the classes to be in full control of what they want to take, because in the end they are the ones paying for it (Ruytenbeek, 2013).

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