Essay on The Corps Of The United States Marine Corps

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During my time in the United States Marine Corps, one of my immediate superiors was a Staff Sergeant by the name of Sensing. The Corps is composed of roughly 95% males and 5% females, so having a female Staff NCO was statistically unusual. When we first received word of a new SNCO coming to our shop and that she was female, there was a small amount of apprehension. Once we saw her and had spoken with her, the apprehension went away. While she was a female on a biological level, she looked and acted more in a way that was to be expected of a man. She could score a perfect 300 on the male physical fitness test, she lifted weights, she dated women, she adopted aggressive mannerisms, when not in a uniform she wore clothing usually associated with men such as jeans and a t-shirt. As a whole, she acted more in a manner expected of a SNCO who was a man rather than a woman. This allowed her to be readily accepted by the members of my shop rather than simply “tolerating” another female who had used her femininity to reach the top. This was an unfortunately common expectation in the Corps as it had been observed on a few occasions and therefore became the expected norm.
To begin with, it is important to understand a number of aspects with regards to terminology and meanings. Sex refers specifically to the biology of an individual (usually XX or XY chromosome configuration) whereas gender or gender identity is something constructed and expressed in the context of a particular society…

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