Essay The Core Reading Program ( Crp )

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The Core Reading Program (CRP) book that I have decided to research and analyze is designed for Kindergarten. This program has 10 units in total, but the chosen unit for this research is from unit 10. Unit 10 is the last unit in the program and it covers all of the skills that students have learned up to this point. The unit focuses on building these skills and advancing them. The title of the unit it “I KNOW A LOT!” The publisher is The McGraw-Hill Company and it was published in 2011. The general organization of the text is that the unit goes by weeks and then is broken up into different learning categories for the days. There are different tabs for small group and whole group work. This unit is designed to take up 3 weeks. Each week has a different type of activity that falls under the category of oral language, word study, reading, or language arts. There are different day-by-day plans for whole group and small group work. The small theme of priority skills and concepts turns into the overarching theme of “I know it all”.
Each week is organized by different categories called oral language, word study, reading, and language arts. Each week has 5 different lesson plans. Each lesson plan has the listed categories above, but the information taught is different for each day. Each lesson plan covers one of the five essential elements. For example, while working under the section of “Oral language”, students will also work on building their vocabulary and phonemic awareness.…

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