The Control Of Gun Control Essay

1116 Words Jul 31st, 2016 5 Pages
People are dying. Most liberals blame guns for these deaths but it is common sense that guns cannot kill by themselves. They need an evil person to use them. You cannot blame guns for these deaths. When police respond to threats of shooters the police bring guns with them, why? So they can neutralize the threat. Now in a recent mass shooting, Orlando, police took over three hours to get inside the nightclub and kill Omar Mateen. If an experienced gun owner had been carrying a gun inside of the nightclub he could have stopped the shooter but instead 50 people died before the shooter was stopped. People are dying but gun control laws are not going to stop that but make this happen more frequently instead. Gun control is a term used to describe the regulation of firearms from citizens. Some people believe that by controlling the amount of firearms and assault weapons in civilians hands it will result in less gun related homicides. Others think that gun control will not stop deaths from guns but give criminals more power, by making them the only ones with guns.

In 1787 our forefathers drafted a set of undeniable rights to life, liberty, and property. One of these rights written in the Constitution of our country was the right to bear arms without infringement. Recently due to mass shootings and deaths, the government is trying to regulate gun laws and take away a lot of gun rights from law abiding citizens. There are many different ways that the government is proposing to…

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