The Consumer Driven Health Plans Essay

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Consumer Driven Health Plans
Consumer Driven Health (CDH) Plans may be a more affordable, health care systems that offers high quality and sustainability. Many argue that CDH plans shift the costs for the consumer rather than reducing the costs. Some feel that CDH plans are designed for the young, healthy, and rich segment of the population. CIGNA, a well-known health insurance provider has, has conducted studies that compare CDH plans with preferred provider organization (PPO) and health maintenance organization (HMO) plans (Reindl, 2010). This study proves that CDH plans save employers and employees money while providing the care that they need. Another myth regarding CDH plans are causing individuals to sacrifice care that they need. There are some CDH plans that shirt the cost to the employee; thereby, reducing costs to the employer Employees are understandably hesitant to enroll in plans that are designed this way. CDH plans have the ability to reduce costs without compromising the care of patients by offering a benefit-neutral plan (Sunyaev, 2014). This approach can reduce costs without shifting costs to employees and offers value to those that may enroll. Many CDH plans offer online decision support tools that allow consumers to decide the quality healthcare at an affordable price. CDH plan consumers are more likely to use preventive service. CDH plans have an 8% increase in members utilizing preventative services than traditional plans. (Reindl, 2010). In regards to…

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