Ethical Issues In Health Care Essay

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Describe a specific organizational situation where silence would be the unethical choice. Or, describe a situation where communicating would be the unethical choice. Explain why you believe doing so would be unethical.
A specific organizational situation where silence can be considered unethical choice will involve the chronic shortage of staffing in a healthcare setting. In today’s healthcare environment, shortage or understaffed clinicians in the workplace is rampant, this can be partly credited to the growing number of the geriatric population, and the chronic shortage of qualified healthcare professionals. Although, some healthcare organizations are actively seeking ways to tackle this shortage of staff by advance planning to cover any vacant shifts; other healthcare organizations are making no effort to combat this issue, it has become part of the organizational culture due to the fact that they are profits driven. In a profit driven healthcare organization, the safety of patients are placed secondary to profit, which contradict the primary purpose of the healthcare, and staff members who failed to voiced their opinion or remain taciturn in the presence of chronic understaffing would be violating major
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The organizational culture at Baycare Health Systems varies greatly to that of HCA, Baycare Health Systems place more emphasis in creating an organizational culture that promotes better patient outcomes, and improvement of patient safety. Additionally, Baycare Health Systems value their employees by offering competitive compensation, ensuring adequate staffing on all shifts, and promoting diversity in the work environment. Hence, customer service ratings at Baycare Health Systems trump that of HCA West

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