Ratifying The Constitution

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The American government we know today did not just appear out of nowhere, it developed over time and there were some errors, but it ultimately lead to what we have today. Today, our government is based off The Constitution, which has been in place for 200 years, but the framers did not get it right the first time, nor were the ideas used in it their own. The Constitution is a culmination of many factors, including ideas from renaissance philosophers, grievances against the king and England that lead to independence, and the failed government under The Articles of the Confederation. These factors along with the constitutional convention and ratification process molded and shaped our constitution and what is included in it to with stand 200 years …show more content…
After the revolution The United States was in debt, but could not raise any funds to repay the debt because they could not raise taxes, this was only the first of many problems. There had been a few disputes, but because the articles did not set up a judicial branch there was no way to settle them. Finally, Shay’s Rebellion in Massachussettes, an uprising of farmers, was the final straw; the central government could not stop and handle the situation and this showed the true weakness of the Articles of the Confederation. When the framers met these weaknesses were the main topics of discussion and what they were attempting to fix. Originally the framers met merely to revise the Articles, not create an entire new constitution, but a few days into the Constitutional Convention they realized that a new constitution was necessary. During the constitutional convention is when the framer began to talk about the different philosophies of the renaissance philosophers, and they discussed dieffrernt governments around the world, taking bits and pieces they liked. In the end it culminated into a new kind government which had never been established before. It was a bicameral legislation with the lower house being elected by popular election and based on population, and the upper house is appointed by the states. The executive is elected by the Electoral College, and the judicial branch would appointed and the Supreme Court would by the highest law of the land. In order to get the constitution ratified, which required 9 out of the 13 states, some states demanded a Bill of Rights. Finally, the Bill of Rights was added and the constitution was ratified and it is has been in effect for 200

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