The Constitution: The Three Branches Of The Federal Government

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The constitution consists of some primary principles. Briefly explain the following principles and their significance in shaping American government.
• Self-Government: is a system in which the citizens of a country or state rule themselves and control their own affairs. Self-governments are free from external government control or outside political authority. The Republican governments in the United States are based on principles of self-government.

Separation of Powers: constitutional principal limiting powers settled in an institution or person. The government is divided into 3 branches: Legislative, executive and judiciary.

• Checks and Balances: The branches of government are created and power is shared between them. Each branch
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Each response should be 150-200 words.
1. What are the duties and responsibilities of each branch of the federal government?
Legislative: The Legislative branch makes laws for the nation. The legislative branch also can override the presidential veto. When the president does not want to approve a law, they can veto it, but the legislative branch (Congress) can overrule it by a 2/3 vote of both houses. In the US, it includes the two houses of Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) and its related agencies. In most nations of the world, its legislative branch puts forth bills it votes on to be laws. The proposed legislation is just that, a proposal. Such proposals are normally signed into law by a nation's chief executive.

Judicial: The judicial branch looks and interprets the law. The Constitution established the judicial branch of government with the creation of the Supreme Court. Congress created the other federal courts. All of these courts together make up the judicial branch. The courts review and explain the law, and they resolve disagreements about the meaning of the law. The U.S. Supreme Court makes sure that laws are consistent with the constitution. If a law is not consistent with the Constitution, the Court can declare it unconstitutional. In this case, the Court makes the final decision about all cases that have to do with federal laws and treaties. It also rules on other
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It is headed by the President. The executive branch basically makes sure the laws that the Legislative branch makes are followed. The Executive Branch carries out laws made by the Legislative branch. Most activities of the federal government are carried out by the executive branch.

2. Describe how these three branches are supposed to interact.
The three branches of government are supposed to interact with one another through checks and balances. The three branches each have their own distinct powers through the idea of separation of powers another.

3. How effectively do you feel the three branches interact with each other today?
In order government to run smoothly, each branch should effectively interact. With each branch being responsible for certain powers they should interact with each other in order for the convenient, correct and reliable laws to be

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