Essay on The Constitution Of The United States

1315 Words Nov 17th, 2016 6 Pages
In today’s society most will often wonder if the United States Constitution has effected the way police can do their job. Most will wonder if the majority of the police even follow the constitution while doing their job. What the constitution does is basically give the citizens of the United States their basic rights and layout the laws for them to follow. The constitution came into play in 1787 and created 27 different amendments that help the United States citizens with an overall layout of the main rules and regulations, but not all have to deal with the way police do their job. The constitution definitely changes the way police do their job, but it keeps everything fair so each citizen is treated fairly when it comes to being caught by the police. To begin this paper I want to say that the constitution has not changed the way police do their job, but the generation is starting to change the way police do their job. For many years policing has been fine and done very well in many opinions. It is the changing of society that is changing the way police can do their job because they cannot treat every race fairly in today’s society no matter what they do and how they do it. If an officer needs to shoot an African American it is going to be displayed on every news site much different than if an officer has to shoot a white person for the same crime. Racism is starting to become a huge factor in the society today simply because the African American population is feeling…

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