The Case Of Dickerson Vs. United States

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The goal of this research paper is to remind people that as long as one can fulfill the duties of being a citizen in the United States of America then there are rights that protect one from the government. One could imagine what the world would be like if there were no Miranda rights. Government would take complete advantage of that and others could assume that prisons would really become overcrowded and taxes would shoot up even higher due to the absence of Miranda rights in the criminal justice system. One could assume that life in fact would not be as sweet and worth living knowing that the police can haul someone into jail and interrogate that person until a confession
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United States (2000), Charles Dickerson was accused of driving a vehicle that was described as the getaway car in a bank robbery. Later it was discovered that another citizen’s rights were violated; a man that the world would come to know as Mr. Charles Dickerson. A man that was accused of robbery, having a gun during the commission of a crime, and other crimes as well. Once detained the police transported Mr. Dickerson back to the police station for further questioning (2000). Others believe that Mr. Dickerson made some remarks about being involved in a bank robbery but only as the getaway driver. After making these remarks Charles was arrested. Only after the statements were made the defendant was advised of the natural rights that every United States citizen is entitled to. Once the waiver was put into motion Dickerson admitted to being involved with one of the actual bank robbers and also admitted to receiving something from the robber through the trunk of the alleged getaway car (2000). The biggest issue discovered during this case was simply when was the appropriate time to advise Dickerson (2000) of the fifth and sixth amendments? Keep in mind the police at this time were new to these Miranda rules so not all police officers have come into personal contact with this situation simply because it was still relatively new to the criminal justice system. During the time of the debate on Miranda rules police officers are put in an …show more content…
The police at this time are being judged and second guessed about the ability to obtain information during investigations so even in the late years going into the millennium the United States of America still suffered from repeating trends. Dickerson (2000) could have been a slime ball that realized there was a hole in the system and manipulated it to work as an advantage in that situation. The criminal justice system has to improve on every element of the system in order to achieve better results than what has been recorded over the years. Dickerson (2000) is one situation that the happened about fifteen years ago and there are some situations that are still being built based off of similar actions from a different citizen. A major difference is now there are not as many cases of rights being violated because the police have been trained to make every defendant aware of the rights that the Constitution says that Americans have in this country. The case of Dickerson vs United States (2000) impacted policing heavily not so much because the case forced the police to make a necessary as well as drastic change in procedure when obtaining confessions. Another subject included but is not limited to would be distrust in the community in relation to the police because the police are individuals that have a job that changes like a chameleon. One moment they

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