Essay on The Constitution And The United States Constitution

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From a very young age Americans are taught to respect various aspects of their culture because they are from the “land of the free and home of the brave” and they have freedoms that citizens of other counties cannot afford to have the luxury of having. The reason America has more freedoms and rights that are outlined with the Constitution. Most Americans agree that they appreciate the Constitution, but some do not agree with everything that is outlined within it. This was the case with some of the founding fathers, which wrote the Constitution. The Constitution, for the time in which it was established, implemented necessary standards for the newly independent colonies that were fundamentally essential to the basis of the country for years to come, but like any major document; it contained some controversial clauses. Although the United States Constitution affirmed basic rights for citizens by providing a detailed outline of the standard of operation for the newly formed government and outlining the fundamental rights of protection for citizens within the Bill of Rights, several popular politicians of the time of its righting had criticisms of the document. Throughout the drafting of the Constitution, the founding fathers debated over what parts were essential to include and what they deemed fundamentally appropriate to include in the basis of the new government. Each of the founders proposed a different issue with the Constitution, but overall the main concern was among…

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