The Consequences Of The Iraq War

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March 20 2003 was the day everything changed, this was the day American troops stepped foot onto the foreign desert land that.US now know of as Iraq. Many people have their own opinion about if the United States made the right decision deciding to go to war with this country. So, although the US gained much intel, helped locals and executed Saddam….. Was it the right decision considering all the consequences (good and bad) of the invading and picking apart of Iraq. There are both positive and negative consequences that have come from the US invading and picking apart Iraq.You can find an opinion anywhere from anyone in this country but which one is the right or more correct opinion? Is there a right opinion?
The United States should not have gone to war becuase: most of the alleged mass destruction were lies and misperception of Iraq, the amount of money that has been spent on the war, the amount of lives taken (american, taliban, children, men, women, it doesn 't matter), the chaos caused by iraq 's government being picked apart and shut down, all the looting, rape, etc. and foremost the illegal actions that were taken to start the war with Iraq. With all this
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the United Nations attempted to ensure that Iraq had fully disposed of all its weapons of mass destruction and the capabilities to make those weapons. Weapons of Mass Destruction included chemical weapons, such as poison gas and biological weapons that would carry diseases such as anthrax, Nuclear weapons such as the atomic bombs the United States used against Japan at the end of World War II were also a type of WMD, as were radiological weapons, or “dirty bombs.” that consisted of a high-explosive weapon that dispersed radioactive material over a wide area. All such weapons could cause “mass destruction” because a single weapon could kill thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people, with one detonation. (Print source war in

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