Iraq War A Success Or Failure

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There are many opinions about whether or not the war in Iraq was successful. People want to know if America should have been there in the first place, should we have been sticking our nose where it may not belong? Or was the Middle East a threat that the U.S. couldn’t afford to ignore? Both of these opposing views hold true when comparing the failures and successes of the war, it’s fairly easy to argue both sides, however in my opinion, one side has a stronger argument than the other. Nevertheless, we still must compare and contrast in detail the most important failures and successes of the war, before one can come to any real justifiable conclusion. To begin, Bush, had this idea that he could spread democracy at the point of a gun. You …show more content…
Lastly, when the military started working with us, they helped to get saddam out of power. This is important so that the people no longer had their ‘leader’ poisoning their minds. Ultimately, when asked if I believe that the war on Iraq will be looked at as a success or failure, I would argue that it was a failure. Simply, the war was not successful because we didn 't get done what we had intended to do. There is not sufficient democracy in Iraq, the middle east really isn 't anymore evolved now than it was when we first sent troops in, and our relationship with Iraq is still in shambles. In conclusion, going to war with Iraq was done with the intentions to help make this increasingly oppressive state, free from the chains and whips that it is founded from. We as Americans wanted to help spread democracy, so that the Iraq could finally have civil liberties, and even a thriving economy. That goal sadly was not accomplished, because of the lack of cultural understanding, violence, and the sheer number of people that we were up against. However, there is still hope that one day Iraq and the middle east will become an area of democracy. As Zakaria (2005) writes “Every country, culture and people yearns for

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