Moving Away From Home Analysis

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“The struggle is part of the story.” -Unknown Most household grow up with only their biological family involved. They have ups and down throughout the household; they find ways to get through them more easily. If a normal family is experiencing downfall they can easily solve the problem. Not every household is perfect but some have more complications than other. Some might have a harder time getting through these complications. I have experienced these type of complications. Growing up we always had foster children coming in and out our house. Having foster children impacts more than just a change in our day-to-day lives. It also affects your lifestyle: as in changing the family dynamics, family stress or conflict, loss and worry, feeling …show more content…
I felt the need to spend more time around them and not feel pity on me. I always knew that the children would eventually leave. It is a fact the sometime biological children become close with the foster children; when they move out the home they face a loss of separation and attachment (Gainer). The longer the foster children stayed the greater the bond got between us. When the time came for them to leave it became a struggle to let them go. I became very sad and emotionally. I felt the need to know what was going to happen to them, where are they going, and when they got older did they succeed. I was not able to know this once they were gone we had no type of communication. The part that affected me the most was not knowing what was next for them. Foster care cause complications on me, but also my other biological children, and the family …show more content…
With having foster children come with family stress and conflict (Noble, 21). My parents became very stressed when foster children arrived. Every child was different. They would try to do everything for the children to make them feel at home and welcomed, because they just wanted the best for them. some children did not expect this. This because to stress my parents because they had no other solution to the problem. My parents also became stressed because the foster children would have conflict with the biological children. Foster child need a lot of attention. My parents felt like they were not giving us much attention as they were to them. I noticed that my parent became more stressed because the wanted to make everyone happy and be perfect. We knew my parents could not go through this process alone. We became to help them. going through helping the foster children we experienced an acceleration in maturity (Gainer). We had to grow up fast and learn to do certain things at a young age, to be able to help out foster brothers and

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