Mom Mother And Father Analysis

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Mom, Mother, Dad, and Father

Never did I ever question that Gregg and Denise Pattison were my mom and dad. They had the familiar faces I was used to seeing every day, whether it was picking me up from school, taking me to the doctors or tucking me into bed every night, they were mom and dad to me. Every day around one o’clock in the afternoon the mail came, frequently there were letters from a woman named Tammy Defulvio. Those letters seemed of interest to my mom, she never opened them and instead she just set them aside. Being the curious child I was, one day I decided I was going to find one of those letters and open it. After hours of searching, I came across a shoebox in my mom 's closet. It was on the very top shelf and when I finally
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That was never a possibility because for years there was a constant battle between Tammy and my mom, Denise. They never truly saw eye to eye and that had more of an effect on me than others realized. I was constantly trapped in a world I no longer understood. I felt like if I talked to Tammy my mom would be upset and if I didn 't talk to her, she would feel like her own daughter didn 't care about her. I didn 't want to upset my biological mother and I definitely didn 't want to upset the mom I live with. There was always a recurring conversation that went on between my friends and I, they would often ask “Well what would your real mom say?” or “What would your real mom do?” My question is what does “real mom” mean? Which one do I refer to as my “real mom?” In my eyes they were both pretty real to me. Yes, one raised me and one gave birth to me but neither those things makes either one less of a mother. As years went by I gradually stopped talking and making an effort to contact Tammy and as sad as this sounds she stopped her effort too. She was no longer a part of my life. I no longer sat up wondering if she would remember who I was in the morning or if the drugs had taken the memory of her own child away from her, once again. It was nights like those I realized I want to give guidance to others who have been in my position. Give someone else the reassurance that everything would be …show more content…
Finding out I was not actually related to the people I called my parents had an enormous impact on my decision to work with children. Someday I want to pursue a career in childcare and child development, I would like to help and guide children down the right path in life and help them with any issues they may have. I never want a child to feel lost in life or as confused as I did. Over all being adopted has taught me many things. I have learned that sometimes blood isn 't what makes up a family, but it 's the people in your life that do the most for you, whether its friends teachers or a trusted adult. Gregg and Denise may never be in my bloodline and I may never be related to them, but they are the two people in my life who have raised me to be the person I am today and that is a debt I will never be able to

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