The Doctor Knight: A Short Story

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The Doctors Knight

New Earth

Last night, I dreamt I was talking to My mother again. She never talks back, and I can never see her, not really. Its always a blur, sometimes it's like I can see her clearly, but then in a flash, its like I never saw her at all. I don’t remember what My birth mother looks like, I saw her only once, my father says. You see, I was adopted when I was just an infant, my parents heard a knock on their door about a week before Christmas and there I was, swaddled in a cloth in a basket,he said it was exactly like you saw in the movies. Of course in real life you can't just bring a baby inside and raise it, there was apparently a lot of paperwork, and a lot of fighting. My adoptive mother never really wanted me, but
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In my effort to be out the door, my foot snags on the carpeting on one of the steps, causing me to inhale with fear, I attempt to grab the railing but my hand slips. I drop my jacket in an attempt to right myself, but to no avail. I can see the carpeted, but hard steps coming towards me at full speed, almost as if I’m in a different body, I see my pale hand outstretching to divert the impending fall, even though I can hear myself thing, clear as day, that if my head collides with those steps, I’m not gonna walk away with just a concussion. But even though I can see the inevitable crash, before my head can come close to hitting anything, my vision gets really REALLY bright, and then everything goes black.

Ow. That’s all I can think when I first begin to climb out of the fog that is my head. Maybe I’m in the hospital? No, hospital beds are uncomfortable and all, but I feel like I’m lying on the ground. I begin to notice what feels like a draft. I wish I had a blanket, didn’t I have a jacket? No, no I dropped it when I fell… wait, holy shit, shouldn't I be totally dead right now? My head fades to black again as I hear a murmur
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I didn’t care that I almost touched the weird cat-lady on the way out, I just needed to get out of there, no, I need to get out of this building and back to my dad. Oh god, this is some freaking Illuminati shit, isn't it? I wasn’t sure where I was going, I think I can hear people chasing me, but I can only run for so long. ‘Freaking asthma..’ I complained in my head as I took random turns trying to find a set of stairs or something. I could feel myself slowing down as my breathing became harder. I need to hide to catch my breath, I spot an elevator and hurriedly push the button. I can definitely hear them coming now, I push the button a bunch more times, even though I knew it wouldn't help it come faster. Finally, like a miracle, the elevator doors opened with a ping and I rushed into the elevator without a second thought and went towards the control panel hopelessly looking for a close button, but everything looked like gibberish to me as I looked up I could see the cat lady point me out to some more cat ladies. I looked back to the control panel in panic as they got closer to the elevator, only to see a finger push one of the buttons, making the door close. I couldn’t resist smirking as I realized that the door would close before they found me, I grinned at gave a goodbye salute with two fingers as the doors

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