Grendel's Short Story: The Haunted House

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"Boss... We got a problem. You need to come to the basement," a harsh voice came through the phone that I was holding next to my ear.

"I'm coming," I replied to my second in command. I didn't like his tone. It told me something was really bad. His nervousness made me nervous. Viktor was a tough son of a bitch and if something got him this riled up then it was something big. Something that I really wouldn't like.

I got up from my chair, and walked out of the room. I saw a few of my men in the hallway and the bowed their head in respect as I walked by. Even though they were my men, I commanded respect from all of them.

As I walked into the dark hallway that led to the basement, I felt my body tensed up. The air around me was rigid and my
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Gaining Colors (Wattys2016) by Kyords
Gaining Colors (Wattys2016)
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As Viktor got to work, the man's screams filled the room. Blood dripped all over the floor but I kept my gaze fixed on him the whole time. When I saw the man started to lose conscious, I raised my head. Viktor instantly stopped his torturous ministration.

Leaning forward again, I asked, "Why and who?"

I laughed when he glared at me. Viktor leaned forward and punched the man. "Show respect."

"I will ask one last time. Why and who?" I said menacingly as I took his face in my hand. I pressed my fingers hard into his cheek until blood oozed badly from his wounds.

When the man still didn't answer, I let his face go and stood up as I pushed my chair away. I wasn't going to get my hands dirty that time. But the man strapped against the chair in front of me, forced my hand. The rest of my men needed to see me get my hands dirty. They needed to see how brutal I could be. How brutal I actually was.

Maybe they had forgotten who the f*cked I was. I was the f*cking Russian Mafia Boss. I was feared by all and nobody f*cking betrayed
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I constantly prayed that I found someone who could help me.

When dawn started to approach, I was too tired to continue running. I was no longer in the forest, but I was at the side of a deserted road. I limped along the side of road until I came across houses and shops.

I breathed out a sigh of relief. I was safe. Someone would definitely help me.

I walked over to one of the houses and knocked softly at the door. An old woman opened the door and she gasped at the sight of me. Before I could say anything, she slammed the door in my face.

My eyes widened and I stared at the closed door in shock. I turned to walk away but caught sight of Alberto's man. They were walking and looking around. My eyes widened and I quickly hid behind the house. As I tried to figure out my next plan, lights suddenly flared around the corner. I looked to my left and saw a black vehicle slowing to a stop.

I stood still as I saw a large man stepped out of the car. He was wearing a black suit, similar to what Alberto and my father wore. I couldn't see him well as it was still dark outside. He walked over to the house beside me, and went

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