Analysis Of Christopher's Father In The Curious Incident Of The Dog

In the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, Christopher's father is the most important character to Christopher because he is Angry and loving towards Christopher , which results in Christopher finding out the truth about his mother and forgiving his father for lying to him. Christopher's father is often angry. He displays this behavior throughout the book. In this quote Christopher’s father gets angry when he finds Christopher's book that Christophe is writing about the death of Wellington and the affair between his mother and Mr. Sheers. “So I was very surprised when he grabbed me.
I don’t like it when people grab me. And I don’t like being surprised either. So I hit him, like I hit the policeman when he took hold of my arms and
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When Christopher’s father has been lying to him about killing Wellington and Christopher finds out his father needed to make up for the fact that he had killed the dog so he give Christopher on of his own because he knows Christopher likes this quote Christopher is talking about what happened to him after he got the dog and he moved in with his other”And I called the dog Sandy. And Father bought him a collar and a lead and I was allowed to take him for walks to the shop and back. And I played with him with a rubber bone.
And Mother got flu and I had to spend three days with Father and stay in his house. But it was OK because Sandy slept on my bed so he would bark if anyone came into the room during the night. And Father made a vegetable patch in the garden and I helped him. And we planted carrots and peas and spinach and I’m going to pick them and eat them when they’re ready.” In this quote Christopher shows that everything is good between him and his mom and dad and that he really like that dog that his father gave
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But father loves Christopher Avery much and will make up for the lies that he originally tells Christopher to protect him by getting him a dog which makes thing good in Christopher’s like again. For these reasons I believe that Christopher’s father is the most important character to him in the book, without him most of the big events in the book would not take

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