The Conference And Workshop On Computing & Communication Essay

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Conference Title: IEMCON2015 Conference and Workshop on Computing & Communication
A Review of Trust Based Secure Routing Protocols in MANETs
Prachatos Mitra and Soham Mukherjee

Abstract: A mobile ad-hoc network or MANET is a wireless, self-configuring and infrastructure-less mobile network. Due to its dynamic nature, secure routing is an inherent issue in MANET. Cryptographic and trust based methods can be used to prevent attacks from malicious nodes in MANET. Cryptographic methods are computationally intensive and hence unfeasible for a dynamic network such as MANETs. Trust based methods generally have lower computational overhead and can be used to secure routing. Several trust based protocols have been proposed in literature which define a ‘trust’ value using various network parameters. This trust value is used to compute a secure route in a MANET. In this paper, different trust based algorithms are discussed and with their performance, strengths and possible issues with the protocols are discussed.

Keywords: Ad hoc networks, trust, security, routing issues, routing protocols

MANET or mobile ad-hoc network is a self-configuring, infrastructure-less collection of wireless mobile autonomous nodes which communicate without wires. MANETs do not require any pre-existing infrastructure, and has limited bandwidth, power and low security. In a MANET, the network structure continuously changes and as a result, the neighbors of nodes also changes. Hence, in a…

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