The Concert At The International Chamber Music Festival Concert

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Upon attending the International Chamber Music Festival Concert, a certain ecstatic vibe could be felt as the performers walked on stage with their musical instruments. The virtuoso’s performed in pieces that contained trios, duets, and quintets; showing the concentration they required when listening to each other. When working on Chamber Music, much of the melody jumps around from instrument to instrument, show casing various solos and much of the instruments having to coincide with each other to carefully listen for the melody. The first performance, was from Mosaics, by Eric Ewazen, only introducing the first movement: I. Barcarolle. The performers Dr. Susan Berdahl (flute), Dr. Xiaohu Zhou (bassoon), and Dr. James Moyer (marimba), all played outstandingly and show cased exactly how Chamber Music is meant to be played. Honestly, a wonderful way to open the concert, and if they would have continued to perform the rest of the upcoming movements, it would have been an even greater incredible performance to see. Sadly, being on a short performance schedule, they could only perform the first movement. The melody here can be heard throughout the instruments; upon listening on certain parts of the piece, the marimba has this continuous beat throughout which gracefully plays during the rests of the flute and bassoon. Afterwards, while the flute and bassoon come together, their pitch coincides with each other harmonizing in such beautiful fashion and each instrument show cases a…

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