The Concepts Of Running And Managing A Business Essay

990 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 4 Pages

I unfailingly have enjoyed learning the concepts of running and managing a business. Personally, what I enjoy generally is implying these concepts in real-life situations. Seeing the legitimate effects are greatly stimulating to me. I continusouly perceived myself running a stable/well- establish business; however, I never viewed myself running my own business. For my part, I find by no means, I have all the characteristics an entrepreneur should have. Therefore, the results are not surprising, but assuring on what my strengths and weaknesses are.

When considering entreprenurship, I reckon it’s vital to consider the contrast surrounding the skills and genuinely being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is deeper than being able to address challenges with innovative solutions. To me, an entrepreneur is someone who is passionate about their idea. Someone who is willing to sacrifice any and everything for their idea. One who embraces failure and change. Someone who is willing to learn and grow from their wrongs and rights. Strangely, I find all these traits in myself; however, I genuinely do not vision myself being an entrepreneur.

So far, BUSI- 2011 Intro to Entrepreneurship has taught me a great deal pertaining to how to function in a team and as an individual. I feel these concepts are crucial due to the fact, my major is in Operations Management. It may seem odd that I do not ’jump for joy’ when the thought of working for myself comes across as a career…

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