The Community Of Laguardia Community College Essay

891 Words May 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
A major problem surrounding the community of LaGuardia Community College is the lack of security there is on campus. Being a student of LaGuardia, my friends and I have noticed how easy it is for anyone to slip past the security guards without having an ID or a method of verifying who you are. There are many opportunities for vigilantes to disregard them and commit unlawful crimes, although the probability of that may be unlikely. For example, during the beginning of this semester, there was a series of alarms being pulled for no reason and this was event that took place during a range of two to four weeks. This event happening on multiple occasions was extremely disruptive towards the learning time and often caused students and faculty to stand outside for a while. There was a day, when I was receiving tutoring in the B building and someone had pulled an alarm, causing everyone to evacuate the building. The street was quickly becoming full making it difficult for people to pass through which can be very dangerous. In addition, it was raining outside. The alarms were being pulled one after the other, and it had seemed as if no one was paying close attention as to who were pulling the alarms and what they could have done to prohibit this. I would interview multiple people who have taken place during the events in which the fire alarms were pulled. These people can range from teachers, security officers, faculty, students, and even students who are not college students but…

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