Essay On Preventing School Shootings

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Why wait for something bad to happen, why not prevent it before it happens? For these reasons we decided to do our topic on school shootings. School shootings have been a big problem lately, so we decided this would be a good problem/solution topic. School shootings are always devastating when they happen so we decided to find ways to prevent them.
Our first solution for preventing school shootings was based on preventing bullying. The reason we chose to prevent school bullying is because school bullying has increased by 24.5% and is one of the major reasons school shootings occur. One of the major ways to decrease bullying is by not being a bystander and choosing to stand up. Not only will this help with the bullying situation, but it could make the victim feel wanted by a friend. If you are not at the place where the victim got bullied, but you know, tell a trusted adult.
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It could help you see what they like and don’t like and you could see what influences them. It shows you if they know about school shootings and if it impacted them. Privacy settings could also help you out because you could block specific sites that you don’t want them to look at. Or it could help you by not letting them get influenced by guns on social media or getting scared/worried by previous school shootings. Our favorite solution for preventing school shootings would be strengthening school security. Improving school security consists of putting more advanced locks on doors, practicing more drills, and training the staff. All these things could help with the security of the students and school and help decrease the worry of the students and staff. These 3 things are not the only things we could do to help prevent school shootings, but the reason we chose these main 3 is because we didn’t want to go over the top with it. We didn’t want the school to have so much security that it felt like a prison/jail in a

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