The Color Tuning Of King Blade X Essay

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Inspired by the color tuning function of King Blade X (an electronic glow stick), this paper investigates different approaches of LED color tuning, including dim-to warm tuning, white color tuning, and full color tuning. This paper would go over their operating principles, advantage and withdraws, and potential applications.
The interest to investigate LED color tuning originated from my King Blade. This is an electronic glow stick used in live concerts. One of its remarkable feature is the color tuning function with its app on smart phones. One could adjust the color and the intensity by simply set the RGBW values. One can even set a series of colors and use the buttons below the stick to switch between them. figure.1 the app tuning interface and the default 15 colors.
This rise my interest of the color tuning technology behind this product. As is widely known, a LED could just produce one monotone color, so the tuning must involve a set of different LEDs. There are 3 types of LED tuning approaches: dim-to-warm tuning, which tunes the correlated color temperature (CCT) and the intensity together; white tuning, which tunes the CCT and intensity separately; full-color tuning, which tunes the color all over the spectrum. The KingBlade above is a typical full-color tuning device. Approaches of color tuning
LED light had been considered to be monotone, but new technologies have made LED tunable, either in terms of color or warmth (correlated color…

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