Interior Color Palettes To Reflect Recovery And Practicality

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Picture yourself walking up to a building; there are green trees decorating the walkway. You reach the metallic silver doors. While looking up at the sky, the snowy white clouds slowly caress the deep blue sky. You pull the metallic door open and enter the building. As the mundane walls around you start to collapse, your body goes cold and numb. The change of colors that happens when entering the building changes your psychological mindset. When this happens your neurological brain functioning changed with the color scheme change.

Cameron Forte, in the Use of interior Color Palettes to Reflect Recovery and Practicality, introduces how to use colors in buildings for the benefit of not only the patients but also for the staff. He states that,
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These are an examples of how color can affect psychological behavior. He also brings up a study that was done in sawmills where the workers had extreme hours. For example the workers, worked nights and then mornings or visa versa. These extreme hours of night and day have a deleterious effect on the workers circadian clocks. Having such effects on a person’s circadian clock gives the same effect as jet lag. The study was conducted to observe what would happen if they where to put blue-green lighting into the light fixtures while the workers of the sawmill worked during the evening. The idea was to help the workers feel like it was daytime. Alter (2013) “To test their theory, the researchers purchased a series of special lights that batched the night-shift workers in a blue-green glow as they worked. When the shift ended the following morning, the workers wore special amber glasses to block out all blue and green light, thereby confusing their bodies into believing that they were working during the day and leaving work at night. The effects were remarkable. By the fourth day of the trial most of the workers felt more alert, as their error rate declined from 5 percent to 1 percent.”(Pg …show more content…
The cause of seasonal depression is“Lack of Sunlight.” Of course it depends on the individual, not everyone gets seasonal depression. However psychologist have started to add color psychology and light together to cure disorders that are temporary, such as seasonal depression. The study is called Light Therapy. It has not been until recent that they are implementing colors into the light to treat disorders such as seasonal depression. Light Therapy opened the doors for researchers to go as in-depth as to figuring out a person 's psychological placement from being an extravert or introvert just based off of a favored color such as

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