The Blue Courage Program Analysis

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Public interactions with the police have been highly publicized throughout the news lately. Most of the publicity portrays police officers abusing the system and using violence in order to get the public to do what they want. The technological era is supporting this statement with videos of police officers making questionable decisions. Others believe that police officers are in a tough position and have one of the hardest jobs in the world. They have to make split second decisions that might result in using force in order to get someone into custody. With this being said, there is tension between the communities and police. But, there Is a program that would be able too help with these tensions. The Blue courage Program provides trainings for agencies and officers in order for them to form better relationships and handle situations with the community smarter. Community members, along with the police, would have to be open to such a program.
The main goal behind The Blue Courage Program is to help develop community relationships. The goal behind these relationships is to build strong foundations so the community and police know they are on the same team. Also, The Blue Courage Program gives an insight on how police officers should conduct themselves towards the general public and the consequences of how early exposure to bad policing can affect a person mentally, which could lead them to a life of crime. Blue Courage allows police officers to see examples of how to act through videos and examples. It teaches police officers how
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If a community felt comfortable enough to talk to police about the problems they are having then the safer the community should be. That is where the Blue Courage program comes in. This program will allow police the insight on how to deal with young offenders that are in their community as well as obstacles that might be in the way of relating with their

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