Essay on The Color Of Color Test

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There are a range of colors like there are a range of personalities. Today, there are a lot of color tests you can take and the best test you can take is the Hartman Color Test. The test helps people understand what type of personality they are. The test will score a person either red, blue, yellow, or white. My first personality color is blue, and the secondary color type is white. I was given the personality trait of the color blue, because I always think my heart. My secondary color is the part of me that keeps to myself when there are problems. Whenever there are people coming at me with problems, I like to tell them to breathe and think before doing anything. In my everyday life I will use this information to better understand the people around me. Hartman says that there are different meanings of the color types people are. Reds are powerfully motivated, need to look good, select approval, and are good leaders. Reds are the people who you want to take control. Blues are honest, passionate, worrieprone, and are perfectionists. Blues are going to put people in a group who are good workers. Yellow are the people who are motivated by fun, enthusiastic, and good looking. A yellow person is going to be the life of the party. Unlike reds, whites avoid conflict, refuses to be controlled, are peacemakers, and are diplomatic. Whites are the ones who can work well by their selves. Dr. Taylor Hartman is a speaker, counselor, and a consultant. The test he designed was made in…

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