The Four Different Differences Assignment: True Colors

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Register to read the introduction… I like to be knowledgeable, logical, independent, observant, and respected. GOLD – I am responsible, dependable, helpful and sensible. I like to be organized, caring, practical, detailed, generous, productive, useful and thorough. BLUE – I am communicative, imaginative, harmonious and compassionate. I like to be romantic, sensitive, gentle, genuine, friendly and supportative. LET’S FIND OUT WHAT COLOR YOU ARE:
Rules: Working across the line you HAVE to give each group of adjectives a score. The line has to add up to 10. The highest you can give each group is a 7 with each other having a one. You can have any combination as long as the score adds up to 10. After you have worked across each of the 5 lines, total the columns from top to bottom. The highest score is the color that represents you best. The next highest is the blend and so on. The assignment worksheet has been designed to add the rows and the columns for you. Just be sure you type in the yellow bold boxes only or you may cause formulas to not work.

Complete true colors worksheet now. After completing the worksheet, continue reading this
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Remember to be on time and respect their need for security and do what you say you will do. As adults: respect their need for tradition and stability; be loyal, dependable and truthful, be up front with them, understand their need for structure and security and be clean and neat in appearance. Golds are stressed and frustrated by: those who are late, flakes and flaky people, when things don’t work out like they should, unorganized people and lack of organization, when things aren’t neat and being told what to do by others. They also don’t like: inefficiency, not knowing what is expected, missed expectations, waiting, loud people, change, and inconsistency. They don’t understand why it can’t all be done right and why someone else can’t see what is perfectly clear to them. They will get a new sheet of paper if there is a tear or something not perfect on a blank sheet of paper. This is the most predictable of all …show more content…
Respect their need for independence. Know that they are caring even though they may not show their feelings easily. Reinforce their new ideas and concepts. As adults: respect their pre-occupation with wisdom, knowledge, ideas and logic. Help them with the day-to-day details and praise their ingenuity and intelligence. Think ahead because they are future-oriented. Greens are stressed and frustrated by: people not valuing or listening to their ideas, being limited, labeled, boxed or controlled by others. They do not like rules or people in the way. They are stressed by inconsistency and incompetency. They do not like disorganization or noise. They have problems with not knowing and unfairness. They dislike committee meetings with no point and policy and procedures.
Summary: It takes all types to make the world go round. It takes the greens to see the big picture and think out of the box to get it done. It takes oranges to make if fun. It takes the golds to have the leaders and the pushers to make it happen and it takes the blues to make sure everyone is comfortable and no one is left out. Think of Mt. Rushmore: There are 4 presidents on this mountain: There is: Washington (gold), Lincoln (blue), Jefferson (green) and Teddy Roosevelt (orange). Also as far as tasks: Green and Gold are task orientated first and relationship oriented second. Orange and Blue are relationship first

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