The Coco Cola Corporation Essay

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I believe that the Coco-Cola corporation is a superior company than Pepsi co. America being a country of freedom and prosperity was founded on innovation still being embodied in every can of Coke. Opening up a can of Coke, soda, or pop can mean many different things depending on where you live in the country meaning we all have our own opinions. The Coca-Cola company was founded in the late ninetieth century by a pharmacist by the name of John Pemberton. Cokes largest rival Pepsi was founded in the early twentieth century by Caleb Bradham creating the cola wars. Although many consider Pepsi to have sweeter taste compared to Coke I personally as well as multiple beverage critiques consider the history, image, and overall advertising tactics to be far superior in favor of the Coca-Cola corporation.
Coke makes up 17% of the total beverage consumption in America with Pepsi in second producing 8.9%. Though coke can be found around the world it embodies the American lifestyle. During the early nineteen hundreds Coke created the common image of what we now call Santa clause. Though Christmas is not the only major holiday in the United States due to its association Santa nearly triples Coca-Cola sales during the holiday season. Pepsi’s substitute for Santa was a can. Coke recently create the holiday model we see today being the white polar bears. Creating a new slogan for the bears represented how many viewers see them as happy white animals thus the saying “open happiness”. The…

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