The Coca-Cola Company: Case Study: Internal Analysis And SWOT Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Coca-Cola should be mindful that while one of their biggest strengths is their diverse workforce, political external threats could call out dormant internal weaknesses. For example, a new conflict between the United States another country could impact the human resource element of Coca-Cola or their suppliers. This is probably not a strong internal weakness, but it is a weakness that should be considered for strategic planning.
Intangible Resources
1. Technical Resources The true proprietary make up of Coca-Cola products remains a mystery and therefore reveals a technical resource strength for the company. In addition, the company has implemented technologies to become a more environment friendly enterprise. Their ability to execute their “greener” vision and goals could either be a strength or a weakness. One of Coca-Colas new technological additions is the Freestyle dispenser. The new dispenser is supposed to hit the streets this summer, introducing self-serve fountains. Many people would agree the fountain version of a Coca-Cola product tastes better than the canned or bottled. This is just one example of how Coca-Cola has embraced their technological strengths to break new ground within the soft drink industry.
2. Intellectual
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Marketing has also had a huge impact on the company’s reputation. One would be hard pressed to find a person who hasn’t seen the Coca-Cola polar bear holiday commercial. Coca-Cola has done a great job marketing their product by advertising in nearly every medium; tv, social media, radio, Olympics, etc. Their goodwill, combined with marketing and company longevity has earned a positive reputation with the public. Perhaps reputation is one of the staples of Coca-Cola’s strengths.
3. Innovation See technology and intellectual resources section.
Coca-Cola’s SWOT analysis reveals unique challenges to both the internal and external environments. On a positive note, the analysis highlights strengths that are also opportunities and weaknesses that are also threats, emphasizing that different viewpoints can yield the same concerns. When conducting a full in depth analysis it was interesting to see the similarities between internal and external threats. It would behoove strategic analysts to look at the common middle ground between the internal and external threats to posture the company.

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