The Civil War Between North And South Over The Emancipation Of Slaves

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The Civil war which lasted from 1850-1870 can be considered as one of the bloodiest war in American history. The conflict over slavery between the North and the South may have been one of the reasons why the civil war occurred but one needs to take into consideration other factors that also led to the civil war.
One of the reasons why the civil war occur was the constant war between North and south over the emancipation of slaves. Both Northerners and Southerners had their own interpretation on slavery, and as a result, their separate views triggered contentions and conflicts with each other. Both had different views on whether to expand or to stop the growth of slavery or eliminate slavery all together. According to A History of the American People, the north increasingly driven by emancipation, thought of the constitution as a document which, applied in its spirit, would eventually insure that all people in America, whatever their color, black or white, whatever their status, slave or free, would be equal before the law. The Southerners, by means I mean those who dominated the south politically and controlled its culture and self-expression, had quite a different agenda (Johnson). North and South was also divided by social and economic differences. The North favored high tariffs, the South low ones; the North backed indirect taxation, the South direct taxation.
In Addition, the election of Abraham Lincoln, the rise of the Republican Party and the death of the Whig party…

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