The Church Of The Newman Center Located At 472 North Pleasant Street

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Sunday morning, we went to the catholic church of the Newman Center located at 472 North Pleasant Street which is about one hundred meters away from our dormitory. After breakfast, we walked for about five minutes, and saw the entrance of the building. There is a sculpture on the top of the entrance of the building. Many people came from different direction keep entered. Most of the people are old people, and there are also some students, families with children here. When we came in, a father in black rode was talking to people who came to pray. We greeted to him and stepped into to the ecclesia. The fist thing attracted me was the huge colorful glass windows. They draw some people like Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas More, and The Newman. According to the introduction, some of these are to memorize some people who contributed to the Newman Center, and some of these are gifts from the followers. Besides, there are also fourteen small sculptures on the inside wall around the room, which are telling the story of the Station of the Cross. I can understand the story thoroughly by the sculptures in order. Jesus fell down three times and then was nailed and died on the cross.

After most of the people arrived, we sit down and waiting for the ritual. A man in white rode came in slowly with a huge cross in his hand, and a father in green rode follow him. They walked to the front of the platform and stopped. The father sit down for a second and started to speak. To my surprise, the…

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