Personal Narrative: My Central Catholic Memories

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The four years I’ve spent at Central Catholic I've had many of my memories that happened to me. My friendships have definitely strengthened over the years with people I know including my coaches and teachers. All the activities that I was involved with in central catholic such as sports, dances, activities. I don’t have a whole lot of least favorite memories in my last four years at central catholic.
My favorite sports memories was my freshman year of football we went through initiation, part of initiation was the mudslides. When we went through the mud slides made us tackle Michael Wombacher when we were all muddy. Also when Joe Lazzell was hitting a Gatorade bottle with Corey Hardema golf, Joe Lazzell let go of the golf club and it landed
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They play the same music every single year, that just gets really old for example the cupid shuffle that song is for a four-year not seniors in high school. The backgrounds for the pictures from freshman year of homecoming was the freakiest background ever that was with Ronald McDonald as the background, let me just say that was really stupid of the guy that thought it was a good background. I don't like how people have to roll a dice for the breathalyzer test, I think everyone should take the breathalyzer …show more content…
My coaches pushed me to be the best person I could be on and off the field. I could have a nice conversation with my coach about my everyday life and he would help me out if I had any problems. They also helped me strengthen my knee to be able to play football by the next year. My teachers that I'm friends with are Mr. Swantek, Mr. coach Hunt. I met both of them my junior year. They were so easy to talk to especially Mr coach Hunt because he was my baseball coach It was easier and he just graduated from college that also made it easier to talk to him. Mr. Swantek is now easy to talk to because of ping pong every day and lifting in the weight room every day with

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