The Christi Why Christianity Exists Essay

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Wright, in his book Simply Christian: Why Christianity Exists, argues that God has no intention of “abandoning this world”, instead God has a glorious “rescue operation” planned, raising “all His people to new bodily life to live in it”. (Wright 58) God has begun this magnificent rescue operation utilizing Israel, the Church, and Jesus to complete his plan. Through these three, Wright believes that God intends for the “kingdom of the world to become kingdom of God” in which “the beauty of this world will be enfolded in the beauty of God”, and thus, only completing his rescue operation “when the present world is rescued, healed, restored, and completed.” (Wright 78)
Israel, a nation with a history of rebellion, turmoil, and pain, is ultimately the start of God’s rescue operation Israel, in the bible, serve as a representation of the entirety of all of God’s children. The story of Israel itself has the several common themes of “going away and coming back home; of slavery and exodus; of exile and restoration” that relate to Christianity’s own themes. (Wright 75) These themes are nothing new or desolate for the Jewish people. Israel is consistently in the news, going through trials or coming through them. More recent examples of these would be the Holocaust and the current issues between the Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem regarding the ownership of the Temple Mount.
As stated before, these promises are not for Israel’s population alone. God extends his promises for everyone wo…

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