Abortion: Cougle Study

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Over three thousand human beings each day in the United States are being deprived of experiencing life due to abortion. The procedure involves terminating a pregnancy so that the baby is not born. Medical abortion requires taking an abortion pill while surgical abortion involves an operation to remove the fetus from the uterus. Even through the heavy controversy, 1.21 million women today are taking part in the process every year.
The fact that women have the right to decide what to do with their bodies is one of the reasons the pro-choice group supports abortion. A woman is fully capable of making her own choices without others’ consent, and depriving a woman the control of her own reproductive life should not be acceptable. Also, restricting
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Studies have discovered that abortion leads to an increased risk of premature birth in future pregnancies. Calhoun says, “Worldwide PTB causes over 3 million deaths every year.”(Byron C. Calhoun). Why would the world endorse a process that in effect creates and contributes to an already existing problem? If abortion has the potential to increase the chances of death for babies due to premature birth, the process should not be considered acceptable. Abortion also contributes to the destruction of a woman emotionally. Cougle reports, “One study found that women whose first pregnancies ended in abortion were 65 percent more likely to score in the ‘high risk’ range for clinical depression than women whose first pregnancies resulted in a birth” (J.R. Cougle). Depression is a serious complication that can have a large toll on a woman’s health. Therefore if abortion is a potential cause of depression, the health risk can be avoided by restricting abortion. D.M. Fergusson states, “The risk of suicide was three times greater for women who aborted than for women who delivered,” once again continuing to prove the serious effects of …show more content…
If more emphasis was placed on obtaining other methods of birth control, and if the process was made easier, then most unwanted pregnancies could be prevented. Ultimately, adoption is the best solution and an alternative for abortion. Freundlich says, “The 1995 National Survey of Family Growth found that 500,000 women were currently seeking to adopt a child” (Freundlich, 1998). Why would babies be killed when several women are genuinely looking forward to taking care of a child? Studies show that “As a result of the lack of women putting their children up for adoption, the number of US infant adoptions dropped from about 90,000 in 1971 to 18,000 in 2007.” The numbers for adoption should be increasing and the numbers for abortion

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