Abortion Controversial Essay

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Abortion is an operation women put themselves through to end pregnancy, so the child may not be born. The way tho operation can be done is the fetus is removed from the womb through pills or surgery. The pills are also know as the abortion pills and surgical abortion can be used up to 24 weeks, as long as two doctors agree under the 1967 Abortion Act. Abortion is a controversial social issue that is centered around society and social justice. Ones who are against it feel as if it is a sin and a crime. They say a sin because of religious beliefs and a crime because it is killing an innocent baby; also they believe that life begins at the moment of conception. Those who are for abortion feel as if it 's their bodies and women should have their rights . Usually people who want an abortion don 't have the money to care for their babies because the baby could interfere with their life goals, or they are not ready for parenthood. This is why abortion is a controversial topic.
Abortions wasn 't legal until the 20th
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If we were to get around the world and spread the word about how to prevent pregnancy than we could see a decrease in this harsh mistake. "For many individuals around the world access to vital reproductive and sexual health care information is blocked by prove try, a lack of basic services, or politics and war" (Planned Parenthood 1). Most women do not know how to critical these side effects could get. Mentally this could tear you apart. A lot of women regret the fact that they even considered abortion, which is such a heartbreaking situation. Furthermore Some women bodies are easily affected easily. "Abortion can also cause excessive bleeding and damage to the uterus (the female organ) in which the fetus develops"(Galileo1). In the future some women may not be able to have a baby when they are ready if they went through the operation of removing the

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