The Choice Of Leave The Military Essay

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After 19 years of military life, the multiple lengthy trainings, the missed Christmas and holidays away from family and the endless cycle of deployments and work-ups, he made the choice. In the form of a simple request to his captain the request went simply, “Respectfully request to retire from Active Duty upon the end of obligated service and transfer into the Fleet Reserves”. The words he wrote brought fear of the uncertain to his mind. The decision was difficult to because it was for no one particular reason. He loved his job and he loved serving his country. The decision was a compound of two young children just becoming school-age and a wife with a new budding career; he just couldn’t continue the military lifestyle of ripping up roots and moving every 3 years to appease the “needs of the Navy”. In fact, he gave the Navy 16 years more of his time than he originally planned when he joined 19 years ago. Now with his retirement message in hand, he was committed to another life outside the military. A new life starts with the uncertainty of where he was going to work and if he would feel the same satisfaction he felt when putting on the uniform and serving his country. Now, with just a little over 12 months remaining in the Navy, he is starting to feel overwhelmed about the future. He thought, “Where do I want to live?”, “What do I want to do with my life?”, “What lifestyle can I afford?”, “Is my retirement check going to be enough to pay a…

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