Essay on The Choice For Construction Materials

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1.0 Introduction
The choice for construction materials is endless. Knowing the particular attributes of these materials allows for the most efficient and productive application which will lead to many years of satisfaction. Civil engineers must have an in-depth knowledge of the main construction materials available in today’s market so that their client receives the best end product for the lowest capital investment.

To gain experience in material selection through observation of past construction projects, our group performed a material survey on the Critical and Creative Studies building at the UBC Okanagan campus. This survey allowed us to learn about civil engineering materials in a real-world application. We looked into the intended use of the building to better understand the choices for both the aesthetic and structural materials that were implemented. Discussing the pros and cons of each structural material used allowed us to understand why these materials were used as we saw them. Through inspection of these principal materials, we were able to observe and comment on three physical flaws. Following completion of the survey and group discussion, we agreed upon our opinion pertaining to the material choices made for this building.

Subsequent to the materials being studied, we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with an actual industry-used software program to model their performance. This program was used to test the capacities of hypothetical…

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