The Children 's Disabilities Information Website Essay

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For many parents and teachers, it is often hard to accumulate a child (whom has a disability) within a social atmosphere. It is also hard when the parent or teacher is unaware of the disability and how to accumulate the child (their self and others) into this new outlook upon life. Because many are often unaware of the disabilities, over the years, people have been able to look into different sources, in order to obtain the knowledge needed to assess and accumulate to the disabilities. One major guidance has been the use of the Internet. Many websites have been made to help those, whom are struggling, to accumulate to the circumstance and overcome it. One important website is At the Children’s Disabilities Information website, the targeted audience (the parents) are able to search for specific material that will grant them information about a disability that their child(s) may be facing. This particular website informs parents about exceptionalities such as: ADHD and ADD, Autism and Aspergers, Learning Disabilities, Speech and Communication, and Visual Impairment. The author, Allison Martin, created the site for the purpose of providing parents with the essential articles and resources that bring guidance to the parents of children with special exceptionalities and disabilities. The information located upon the website allows for parents and others (such as teachers) to gain applicable knowledge about the certain exceptionality that the…

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