Sociological Model Of Disability Essay

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1.How do the medical and sociological models of disability differ? Medical model defines disability only in terms of much physiological impairment such as accident, genetic heritage, and disease. The s social model recognizes the biological conditions of many disabilities, but also direct attention to social factors.
2. Are people with disabilities a minority group? Explain. I feel that people are singled out for unequal treatment. A minority is a category of individuals differentiated from the social majority. Groups who are differentiated because of the culture they are such speaking a different language or eating different food.
3. How common is a disability, and which social groups are most at risk? A disability is very common because
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How can illness or disability affect social relationships and self-image? People with disabilities have special needs and face many challenges in their lifetime. Living with a disability is not an easy task. When being disabled you have more needs throughout your lifespan. It is a challenge living with disabilities and illness because of how the outside world looks in on you if you are different from them. Having a disability or illness does not mean you do not have the sense to do what normal individuals do. Self-imaging is a major issue when having an illness or disability because you are ready to feel like you are out of place and do not fit in with everyone. Self-imaging and self-esteem are how you perceive yourself to be. You can be normal and have no illness or disability and still be judged on how you look.
10. How can individuals manage the stigma of illness or disability? People with an illness or disability feel ashamed for their illness/disability that is out of their control. Stigma avoids individuals from seeking the proper help that they need. Many individuals carry a very heavy burden, stigma is an unacceptable addition to their pain. Being in a positive environment and encouraging yourself can be some ways to help manage your stigma. There are also groups and opportunities within the community that can help educate individuals on these

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