The Child Hood Field : A Teacher And Open Up My Own Daycare Center

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I choose the early child hood field to better myself as a teacher and to get a better understanding of how a child’s mind work. Growing up I always wanted to became a teacher and open up my own daycare center. One of my career goals is to make sure my center is built and able to meet the needs of all children. This includes children who suffer with a disability or disorder. There is not many centers who have the resources or staff willing to help a child who suffer with developmental issues. My goals are simple and I am headed in the right direction. Children inspire me to be a better teacher and role model. This is why I want my degree in ECE.
Keywords: disability, disorder, goals, dream

Growing up around an aunt who was diagnosed with Down syndrome was amazing. I always wanted to know more about her and others who suffers with it as well. I have always had a passion for children, from an early age. Although I really enjoy interacting with a child who suffers from some form of a disability or disorder. At sixteen years old, I began working with the special population with the City of Durham, North Carolina. It was an after school and summer program that catered to the needs of the youth who suffers with a disability. The youth had many disorders ranging from autism, Asperger, Down syndrome, deaf, and cerebral palsy. By the time I graduated from high school, I knew my passion was children. As a child, my grandmother would say “train a child while they are…

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