The Child Development Case Study Profiles Essay

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After Review the Child Development Case Study Profiles, the child this learner would like to focus on for my course project is Jeremiah Wilson a Five-year-old African-American child. According to Jeremiah’s profile he is a bright, strong boy who likes helping children with physical tasks. It says, He is showing symptoms of ADHD, and he becomes somewhat aggressive when he gets frustrated.
There are three core symptoms of ADHD: inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Which Jeremiah has all three, but because he has not been diagnosed with ADHD even through the doctor seemed to think that he is showing the symptoms of ADHD, most likely because of his age, he has not been diagnosed.
The two development theories that this learner think best apply to Jeremiah are Rudolf Dreikurs Theory and The Maria Montessori Theory. These two would probably work to help Jeremiah stay focus in class and at home as well.
Dreikurs suggested that a behavior is a result of individual’s purposes. We do not simply react to forces that confront us from the outside world. Our behavior is the result of our own biased interpretations of the world. Jeremiah see the world as a place where no one has time for him, because everyone is too busy to pay him any attention. He does not act according to the reality that surrounds him, but rather according to our own subjective assessment of it. He does not understand that his parent are working to be able to give him the things he need, he only see that…

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